Two papers accepted

We got two papers accepted:

  • Kohlmeier, Feldmeyer, Foitzik: Histone acetyltransferases and external demands influence task switching in Temnothorax ants. Biology Letters
  • Bailly, Kohlmeier, Etienne, Wertheim, Billeter: Social modulation of oogenesis and egglaying in Drosophila melanogaster. Current Biology


Ant collections at the Huyck preserve

We arrived at the Huyck preserve today to collect some Temnothorax longispinosus colonies.


New students in the lab

Four undergrad students, Anna, Jalen, Alix and Mira, have joined the lab to study the mechanisms and evolution of behavior and maternal effects. See People for more details.


Huyck grant

The lab was awarded a research grant of the Huyck Preserve for collecting ants and conducing a research project on the social regulation of foraging preferences.


First grant

The Kohlmeier lab won its first grant. With the support of a seed grant provided by the Center for Biodiversity Research, we will investigate the behavioral and physiological function of Juvenile Hormone in solitary bees.


The Kohlmeier lab has started

The Kohlmeier lab has now officially opened its doors! Although still very empty at the moment, we will soon start working on exciting projects on the mechanisms of division of labor and transgenerational effects using bees, ants, and flies. Drop me a line if you want to get involved. I am looking for undergrads and grad students!


New paper out

Our new review entitled „Genetic mechanisms modulating behaviour through plastic chemosensory responses in insects“ is now out in Molecular Ecology. Interesting for everybody who studies gene expression in sensory organs to dissect the mechanisms regulating behavioral plasticity.


Paper award

Our 2021 paper „Mating increases Drosophila melanogaster females’ choosiness by reducing olfactory sensitivity to a male pheromone“ published in Nature Ecology and Evolution has been awared the 2021 Netherlands Evolutionary Biology Prize.


New book chapter released

Our new book chapter entitled „Bioassaying the function of pheromones in Drosophila melanogaster’s social behavior“ has now been published in Behavioral Neurogenetics. In this chapter we provide a set of hands-on manuals for assessing the function of complete CHC profiles in modulating a (social) behavior of interest and how to identify individual pheromones that drive those effects.

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